This kind of packaging requires the use of additional tools (die-cutter) in the production. It allows us to create variety of shapes,  make perforations or automatic bottom which doesn’t require the use of packing tape. It is possible to design a package of non-standard shape specifically for the product, in which we can help.
Die-cut packaging occur in very different forms. The basic set of shapes can be found in the FEFCO catalog.
Thanks to  this production method we are able to make packaging of any shape.
The advantage of these packages is that they are very precise and their quality is much higher and look much better  than the flap packaging. Therefore, they are more suitable wherever the appearance of the packaging is important. It is possible to design the package for a particular product, for example: the carton corners for the corners of windows, doors, or as a protective packaging for a bath. The downside of these packages is the need of creation of a punch or a kind of matrix. The cost of such tools depends on the amount of running metres of a used  knife.


On the die-cut packaging it is possible to print in every available technology.

Below you will find some examples of this type of packaging:


Example of packaging made according to our projects:



Packages from catalogs FEFCO nr 427 and 421
These packages do not require bonding, when assembled are ready to use.


Other examples of packages from a catalog FEFCO - pack of semi-automatic bottom, packaging for shipment of books, the tray does not require gluing







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