Flap packaging is the simplest form of securing the product. Well suited as a transport packaging, bulk, or storage. They are made without using additional tools. Their closure requires only packaging tape, which MIMAS TECHNIK also has on offer. There is a possibility of printing on the flap packaging. For more details, we invite you to our guide book. On the flap packaging there is also a possibility of printing in each of the available technologies.


There are three basic shapes of flap packages, which don’t require implementation of additional tools:


FEFCO 201 - the most popular form of packaging. The flaps on both sides coming together in the middle of the package.


FEFCO 200 - flaps on the one side, on the other side, the package is opened.


FEFCO 203 - Flaps overlapping. They can occur on both sides or from one to a predetermined width. This treatment increases the strength of the bottom structure. Another advantage is better protection of the product when the package is opened with a knife. With this design, cutting the tape will not damage the product.





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