Wrapping tapes (packaging tapes) are crucial for closing the  flap packaging, but also for securing pallets and other packages. We offer variety of tapes, depending on customer needs. They can be differentiated by size, type of used glue, and printing or lack thereof.
We can offer different beams and widths depending on customer needs. The standard, however, the most commonly used size is 60m x 48 mm. Recently, also in the market many tapes in the size of 60Y x 48mm.
Types of adhesives:
Solvent (natural rubber) - the best and also the most expensive type of glue, reliable in all weather conditions.
Hot-melt - cheaper type of glue that works all year round except for the winter, where sub-zero temperatures cause the loss of its adhesive properties
Acrylic - the cheapest type of glue, and the weakest type of adhesive
Eco-Solvent - the new mix of glues, acrylic-based, a compromise between low price and relatively good properties.
We can offer up to 3 colors of printing. The colors are not mixed, uniform without gradation.
Printed tapes, we can offer the carrier solvent adhesive, hot melt and acrylic.



Tapes without printing:
These tapes are brown in color and transparent. Available media adhesive is solvent and eco-solvent.

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